Chemotherapy for breast cancer

One of the most common treatments for breast cancer is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy, simply put, is chemical therapy, and it is a very effective medicine for weakening and destroying some of the cancer cells that are in the body. Chemotherapy not only targets cancerous cells that are at the original site of the breast cancer, whether that be in the lobules or another site in the body where the cancer has originated, but also targets cancer cells that have moved to other parts of the body, making it a great combination treatment with surgery, which removes as much of the cancerous growth as possible.

Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer

Combination of DrugsChemotherapy is not a particular drug, but is almost always a combination of several drugs. In fact, your doctor may try different combinations of drugs to slow the growth of the cancer or eliminate it from the body, because everyone reacts differently. There are actually more than fifty different chemotherapy drugs, which can result in thousands of combinations, and obviously, not only does each person have a slightly different reaction to the drug combination when it comes to treatment, but each person’s side effects are different as well. Some of the common chemotherapy drugs include cyclophosphamide, docetaxel, carboplatin, doxorubicin, and imatinib mesylate among many others. Continue reading Chemotherapy for breast cancer