Male Breast Cancer

While most people think of breast cancer, they automatically associate it with females. While the condition is almost always found in women, there are a few thousand men a year that get breast cancer, and it can be as serious or more than it is for women.

Characteristics of Male Breast Cancer

As it happens for females, male breast cancer is influenced by both environmental factors and also genetic factors. However, there is a greater risk, because men are not routinely checked for breast cancer and may be at a more advanced stage. Also, male breast cancer is often characterized by positive lymph nodes. The most common characteristic is a palpable breast mass. Also, men are much more likely to present with nipple discharge than women are.

Male Breast Cancer


Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in Men

Age: The risk of breast cancer increases the older a person is. On average, if a man does have breast cancer, it will be in his late sixties.

Family History or Gene Mutations: Men that have a family history of breast cancer Continue reading Male Breast Cancer